Buy Jonsbo UMX4 ATX MID Tower Cabinet with RGB Light, Tempered Glass Panel, Dust Filter, Strong Structure, Aluminum Body (Black) Online at lowest price in India |
  • Buy Jonsbo UMX4 ATX MID Tower Cabinet with RGB Light, Tempered Glass Panel, Dust Filter, Strong Structure, Aluminum Body (Black) Online at lowest price in India |
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Jonsbo UMX4 ATX MID Tower Cabinet with RGB Light, Tempered Glass Panel, Dust Filter, Strong Structure, Aluminum Body (Black)

Jonsbo remains faithful with the elegant design of the UMX4 to its casing series and offers a true “Battleship” for ATX users. This RGB edition comes equipped with three FR-531 RGB fans (2 x in the top cover, 1 x at the rear). Included is a LB3 RGB LED stripe. The exteriour of this version is made of silver anodised aluminum.

The three RGB fans of the UMX4 can be connected in series with the illuminated name plate and the included LB3 LED stripe. The color can be controlled using the included controller of the LB3 or - if the motherboard sports a 4-pin RGB header (for example an ASUS Aura or MSI Mystic Light) - connect them to their mainboard and use the appropriate software for color control.

The look of the UMX4 is deliberately held simple with an exteriour of brushed aluminum in combination with two full-size window-side parts made of tempered glass. The window side panels rest on a specially developed silicone pad, which optimally absorb any vibrations that may occur.

The UMX4 combines a steel chassis for maximum stability with an extravagant exterior designed in brushed aluminum. The design of the sleek aluminum casing is both elegant and functional. The fine curves of the case are a real eyecatcher. A design highlight of the case is without a doubt the peppy designed "case foot." Between the bottom of the chassis and the "foot" is a 6.5 cm high recess. One advantage of this type: The internally mounted fans can effortlessly suck in fresh air for optimum cooling of the system.

The chassis of the UMX4 is made of high quality 1.0 mm thick SGCC steel and gives the case maximum stability. A 2.0 mm thick aluminum panel encloses the chassis. The brushed aluminum is of the highest quality and gives the UMX4 a particularly attractive appearance.

The interior of the UMX4 has been designed to be as innovative as the exterior. The power supply is installed in a specially designed frame behind the front panel to safe space – an extensive cable management system permits a clean installation of the cable. The power connector is located at its usual place at the rear of the case; a corresponding loop cable of the current is pre-installed.

The HDD-cage is located below the PSU, which can accommodate up to two 3.5 inch drives – of course anti-vibration mounted. The hard drives are simply fitted with specially designed screws with anti-vibration rubber and inserted into the drive bays. Additionally four 2.5 inch HDD/SSD can be mounted to the back of the motherboard tray.

The ventilation system of the UMX4 receives through 2 x 120 mm fans an additionally cooling effect, which continuously removes the heat generated from the interior. The aesthetics of the case stays intact by a suitable cover. At the rear of the UMX4, a 120 mm fan is installed, in order to suck in cool air from the outside. Please keep in mind that the fan of the CPU cooler has to be in the same running direction as the casing fans. Additionally you can also install two 120 mm fans at the bottom of the case.

The UMX4 supports also a 240 mm water cooling system, which can be installed at the bottom of the case. Please check first that there will be no complications with the mainboard, before you build in such a radiator.

A dust filter under the bottom of the case prevent dust from entering the interior.

Two USB 3.0 and two USB 2.0 connectors are available externally. Thus, external hard disk or USB drives can be connected quickly and easily.

In addition, an innovative illuminated nameplate is provided, which the user can adjust at will. Depicted hardware is not included.



DIMENSION 204MM (W) * 426MM (D) * 437MM (H)
MATERIALS Body: Built With 2.0mm Aluminum Magnesium Alloy , Internal Structure :1.0mm SGCC Steel Plate , Side Plate:2.0mm Aluminum
MOTHERBOARD ATX/ MATX / ITX (Within 305mm x 245mm)
DRIVE BAY 2*3.5〞, 4*2.5〞
COOLING SYSTEM Front: Top:2 x 120mm fan
Back:1 x 120mm fan
Bottom:2 x 120mm fan(optional)
CPU COOLER Not higher than 162MM
DISPLAY CARD Not longer than 310MM
FRONT I/O USB3.0 × 2
USB2.0 × 2
Audio × 1
Mic × 1
NET/GROSS WEIGHT 7.15kg / 9.6kg


WARRANTY 1Year Manufacturing Warranty